Name: Better Hurry (Coal)

Owner: WMF

Breed: OTTB

Height: 16.2hh

Age: 2011

Competed: BN 2017

Coal is a goofy, happy boy with a personality  to follow. He has lovely scope over fences and the "idea" to be focused on the work ahead. I am very excited to take this young guy though the levels, Coal will be starting his career in 2017. 

Name:True Muse "Rex"

Owner: Leigh Ann Czigler


Height: 18.2hh

Age: 2003

Sire: Salute The Truth (TB)

Dam: Allumeuse (Trakehner)

Competed: Prelim 

Rex and Leigh Ann began their career together in 2010.Rex took Leigh Ann from beginner novice to training level, giving Leigh Ann the confidence she needed at the lower level. In 2014 both Leigh Ann and Rex took on the Preliminary level together. 2015 will hopefully open up new doors for both of them, but they will continue working at Preliminary and growing together.  

Name: Chance 
Owner: WMF
Breed: Registered Quarter Horse
Height: 15.0hh
Age: 6
Lesson Horse Extrondinaire

Owner: WMF
Breed: Haflinger
Height: 14.3
Age: 11
Lesson horse 

Sunny is a little guy with a bigger personality, as with any pony. Sunny was purchased as a new lesson horse and has already become quite a favorite here. We see big things for this mans future.