Lessons and Training


Leigh Ann will provide lesson for students ranging from the beginner to the advanced rider, both adult and children. Her main teaching discipline is Eventing, and will give lessons in dressage or jumpers. She wants to find the best match between horse and rider and will always strive to find the best fit. Leigh Ann is available for either private or group lessons on the students own horse or one of the barns lesson horses. A student may trailer in his/her horse for a lesson or training. She is also available for lessons off the property for an extra cost. 

Lesson costs:

1 Hour client owned: $55.00

1 Hour farm owned: $60.00 

XC lesson on or off premises: $75.00 (Does not include trailering cost to off premises facility)


Leigh Ann provides training either on the property or at the horse owner's home (for an additional cost). She has experience with young and green horses whether they are a pony, warmblood, or off-the -track-thoroughbred. She loves working with green horses and/or to continue training a horse beyond basics. She has experience with off-the-track thoroughbreds (OTTB) and horses with training difficulties.

Training Costs: 

*Training costs are not included in the monthly board prices unless otherwise stated*

  • An individual training session will be priced at $40.00 for 45 minute sessions

All training packages will be added to board every month. They will include the following:

  • A riding plan will be discussed with the owner to meet goals
  • Each ride/lesson will be approx. 45 minutes 
  • Lunging, bathing, wrapping, and basic vet care will be provided if needed at no additional cost

  1.  2 training sessions per week (8/month): $250.00
  2.  3 training sessions per week (12/month): $325.00
  3.  4 training sessions per week (16/month): $400.00
  4.  5 training sessions per week (20/month): $475.00 

  •  Sessions: (Training ride/lesson) can not be carried forward from week to week or month to month, unless there is a medical issue. 

Any monthly based training will be discussed with the owner for the horses specific needs and prices may change depending on the horses needs. Please talk to Leigh Ann for more information.