Leigh Ann 


Head Trainer/Barn Manager 

Leigh Ann began riding at the age of 8. She started riding with hunter/jumper trainers and then transitioned to dressage. After realizing her love for dressage but still wanting to jump Leigh Ann found her current trainer, Chelsea Nix and began her journey and love of Eventing.  With Chelsea's close guidance Leigh Ann purchased her first horse, a 4 year old Cleveland Bay/Thoroughbred and started showing one of Chelsea's experienced horses at the lower levels. Leigh Ann began working with Quest and began showing him successfully at the Beginner Novice level. Leigh Ann is also part of the United States Pony Club where she currently holds a C-2 rating and is still pursuing to the higher ratings. In 2008 and 2009 Leigh Ann qualified for Pony Club Championships first for quiz in 2008 and in 2009 Dressage. With a scramble team from Texas and another member from her club, the team wanted to do their best and ended up coming home with 3rd place for horse management and 1st place overall. 

After selling Quest, Leigh Ann went on to purchase one of her current mounts, True Muse aka "Rex" and is competing at the Training level with the hopes of him taking her to Prelim and hopefully higher. Since the age of 16, Leigh Ann has been instructing students, running summer camps, and starting to train young horses. Leigh Ann fell in love with the aspect of training youngsters and Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds. Leigh Ann is a graduate from William Paterson University's Business School with a degree in accounting. In addition to managing WMF, she continues to train, compete, and instruct students. She is happy to begin her journey with running a business and welcoming new riders and boarders to the facility.